Tom Wehmeier

Tom is a Partner and Head of Research at Atomico, focusing on research to support the sourcing and evaluation of investment opportunities. Tom also oversees Atomico’s learning programme, providing regular all-hands on key technology trends. He has published several research reports including the ‘State of European Tech’ at the Slush conference in November 2015.

Prior to joining Atomico in May 2013, Tom was a Principal Analyst and member of the management team at Informa Telecoms & Media, a specialist technology research firm. At Informa, Tom led a global team of analysts and oversaw research and consulting activities for Europe, Latin America and the US. During his time there, Tom advised leading technology companies from across the world. Tom holds a First Class B.Sc. (Econ) from Cardiff University.

One summer break, Tom decided to try his hand at teaching English and, after qualifying with distinction through the Cambridge University-administered CELTA programme, went on to teach English to students from more than 30 countries in Oxford. Fortunately, his English is much better than his French, German and Spanish, although he claims to get by in all of them.

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