Steve Crossan
Executive-in-Residence (XiR)

Steve is an Executive-in-Residence (XiR) at Atomico, focused on helping our portfolio company founders with their Product and Go-To Market strategies as well as supporting our company sourcing efforts in the fields of AI and deep tech.

Prior to joining Atomico he worked at the world’s leading AI research company, DeepMind, in London. At Deepmind, Steve led the Product team responsible for putting DeepMind’s technology into Google – from data centre optimization to Google Assistant and protein folding – and reported directly into Deepmind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman. He joined DeepMind after several years at Google working on the Google Maps, Gmail, and Google Search product teams.

In 2011, during the Arab Spring, he launched speak2tweet to open access to social media when the internet was cut off in several countries. Before all this he left a Ph.D. in AI at Sussex unfinished to start a series of startups including Runtime Collective which later became He also serves as a Venture Partner at seed investor firstminute capital.

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