Supercharging our commitment to Sweden

Atomico has always believed that great companies come from anywhere and we continue to be passionate about the ideas and innovation we’re seeing in cities across Europe. Our head office is based in London, and in January we announced that we’d taken space at Factory in Berlin. Today we’re thrilled to announce our third European base at Stockholm’s SUP46 – one of Sweden’s most exciting incubators. We’ve been actively involved in Stockholm’s ecosystem for a number of years investing in Klarna, Wrapp and Truecaller and now we’re excited to double down.

Sweden has always been close to our hearts. It’s home to our founding partners and it’s where Skype – the first billion-dollar technology company outside Silicon Valley – was born. But our commitment to Sweden and the Nordics is rooted in the huge respect we have for the innovation and ambition of its entrepreneurs.

Sweden’s tech superstars hail from a broad range of sectors including gaming, music, financial services and social, making Stockholm a truly vibrant tech hub. For a country with a small population it punches well above its weight. Our ongoing research project which explores where and how billion-dollar software companies have been founded since 2003, shows that Stockholm has the second highest number of billion-dollar companies per capita after Silicon Valley, with 6.3 companies per million people.

Moving forward, our team will be spending much more time in Sweden. We look forward to meeting even more amazing entrepreneurs and supporting them on their way to building global companies.

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