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As a European founder and investor, I am hugely proud of what Atomico Partner Tom Wehmeier has created with the annual State of European Tech report; not just because the report has become such a valuable piece of tech research in Europe and beyond but also because of the pride it has instilled in the European tech ecosystem. It has helped to remind us of the great strides we have already made and the opportunities that lie ahead. Last year the report highlighted that deep tech was thriving in Europe and that new tech hubs are emerging; I look forward to seeing what this year’s report will unveil.

When we launched the report with our partners at Slush three years ago, we had a simple but huge ambition: to build the most comprehensive, data-driven overview of Europe’s tech landscape, charting the breakthroughs, opportunities and disruptive forces that define its future. We achieved this with last year’s report. It provided one of the most in-depth profiles of European tech, exploring the agents of change that impact us the most, from talent to capital, the rise of deep tech and the strength of tech communities. What makes me most proud is how it has been embraced across the ecosystem, by fellow VCs, investors, founders and policymakers. It is data-driven proof that the world’s most exciting technology companies don’t just exist in Silicon Valley but are right here, in Europe.

Each year Tom and the team looks at how we can make the data even more representative and useful than the last. I am already excited about the direction of this year’s report, which will be published at Slush in Helsinki later this year. We are working with even more data partners and covering more ground to ensure we paint the most accurate picture of European tech.

A core part of the report is the survey we send out each year to measure the mood amongst investors, VCs, founders, operators, tech employees and the individuals across Europe’s many thriving start-up hubs: the individuals at the heart of European technology.

The survey went live last week and we have already been blown away by the response: almost 2000 people have shared their views and have only spent six minutes on average doing so. With your help, we can take it even further.

This survey needs to be as representative as possible of the European ecosystem if we want the data to drive better policy decisions, and help direct the right talent, capital and other opportunities towards Europe.

So, please take a moment to fill out the survey to ensure your voice and your community is heard, and to help us paint a definitive picture of Europe.

We look forward to sharing the report’s findings later this year at Slush. See you in Helsinki!


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