Supercell is a leading developer of free-2-play games for mobile and tablet devices, and is based in Helsinki. It is one of the fastest growing games companies of all time. It has been incredibly successful in not just western markets, but also in Asia, where the market is much more mature and competitive.

They are highly innovative, across both UI, as demonstrated with Hay Day, and also in bringing true multi-player to the iOS ecosystem, as demonstrated by Clash of Clans – both innovations that make their games extremely fun. It is no secret that we live in a world where features and ideas are copied with ever-increasing speed, however it is nearly always materially better to be the innovator, as opposed to the copier. It means you are always at least six months ahead of the competition.

Supercell are also building a great brand for their company, we believe that Ilkka Paananen, Supercell’s CEO, and his team will be able to hire the best talent, not just in Finland, or Europe, but from anywhere in the world, making it more likely that they will develop great games for years to come. After all, developing games is still, and will forever be, a hit-driven business, although one where the most creative and innovative are most likely to succeed in the long run.

We look forward to working with Ilkka and the wider Supercell team to build a great and long-lasting company, and especially in helping them continue their expansion into Asia. Atomico invested alongside Index and IVP, and join Accel and several prominent angels as investors.

In 2013 Softbank and GungoHo made a strategic investment in Supercell, giving them a 51% share, valuing the company at $3B. In 2014 the company launched ‘Boom Beach’, its third title, and the game has already entered the Top 10 ‘Highest Grossing App’ chart in over 35 countries.

In June 2015, Softbank acquired the stakes of all other external investors in the company, including Atomico.

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