SmartNews is the free, award-winning news-discovery app for iOS and Android. Since SmartNews launched in Japan in December 2012, more than four million people have downloaded its apps, with impressive user-engagement metrics. SmartNews’s sophisticated, proprietary algorithms identify trending news stories, ranking and displaying them in a colorful, extremely easy-to-use app that is tailored specifically for smartphone screens. The Japanese Android version was named a Google Play App of the Year in 2013, and the iOS version was an App Store Best of 2013.

The company’s approach is as friendly to content-providers as it is to users, driving significant mobile traffic and publisher revenues. In Japan, SmartNews has already forged partnerships with major media companies such as Yomiuri and Nikkei. In the US, SmartNews gained 1 million monthly active users within three months of its October 2014 launch and also reached the number-one spot in the news category for apps on the US versions of the App Store and Google Play.

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