For all the amazing tools that have entered universities and classrooms in recent years, education is still fundamentally tied to a one-size-fits-all model. Students vary widely in how they learn, but they’re still taught the same material in the same way, with the same tests and the same homework assignments.

The dream of truly personalised learning is compelling for students, educational institutions, and academic publishers alike – but it’s also a fantastically hard problem for them to solve alone. New York-based Knewton works with the world’s universities, schools and publishers to make that dream a reality.

Knewton’s team of “Knerds”, led by their visionary founder and CEO Jose Ferreira, has developed an astonishing “Adaptive Learning” infrastructure, enabling lessons that adapt on-the-fly to the way in which an individual learns, and powerful predictive analytics that help teachers differentiate instruction and understand what each student needs to work on and why.

Given the importance of education across the world, we’re particularly excited about the global opportunity, and we’re looking forward to using our own network and experience of building global companies to help Jose and his team scale to meet their ambitions.

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