Founded in 2013 by Osnat Michaeli and the brothers Erez and Guy Galonska, Infarm combines highly efficient vertical farms with IoT technologies and data science, to offer an alternative food system that is resilient, transparent, and affordable. The company distributes its smart modular farms throughout the urban environment to grow fresh produce for the city’s inhabitants. With cutting edge R&D, patented technologies, and a leading multi-disciplinary team, the firm was founded on a visionary mission: helping cities become self-sufficient in their food production while significantly improving the safety, quality, and environmental footprint of our food.

Atomico has partnered with the team since 2019. 

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Infarm closes $100M Series B to scale its ‘urban farming platform’ (TechCrunch)

Vertical Farming Boom Continues With InFarm Raising $100 Million (Bloomberg)

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