Farmdrop has a big mission – but the business is very practical and very real. Seeing farmers selling butternut squash to supermarkets for under £1 – who in turn sold them them for £3 – got our founder, Ben Pugh, asking: why does the person producing the food only receive a third of the shelf price?

Ben believed it was time to do things differently and find a new way to get food from farm to fork. Working hand in hand with producers and communities, Ben ran a series of in-depth experiments to find a sustainable and fair way for local small-scale producers to get their food to customers.

Farmdrop emerged from this process. The idea captured the imagination of thousands of people who believed we could make food better and were happy to put their money where their mouths were: in August 2014, Farmdrop completed one of the world’s top ten crowdfunding campaigns.

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