Fab is the leading website in the US and Europe for design inspiration and sales. It is one of the fastest growing ecommerce companies of all time.

It is building an iconic global brand that is synonymous with great design. We believe strong brands are crucial to build an emotional relationship with customers and suppliers, ensuring their long-term commitment and loyalty.

The first wave of ecommerce was led by Amazon and was aimed at people who already knew what they wanted to buy. However now we are in the second wave, where consumers are extremely comfortable with buying online, and they want to discover and be inspired by new and exciting products. Fab is building the global winner in this second wave.

In addition to Atomico, Fab is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Tencent, Singtel, Itochu, Menlo Ventures, First Round Capital, Pinnacle Ventures, and several other prominent investors.

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