Diversity policy

At Atomico, we believe not only that great companies can come from anywhere, but that great people do too. Building a diverse team, and a team that values the importance of diversity makes us a better investor, employer and partner for our entrepreneurs. These values are fundamental to everything we do, including but not limited to our recruitment and retention practices and policies, as well as our involvement in the wider community.

We seek to identify and select a diverse set of employees and provide a fair and inclusive working environment with equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of background. We encourage respectful communication, cooperation, teamwork and employee participation with representation across all groups. We treat employees, investors, entrepreneurs and people we interact with fairly and ethically, regardless of age, gender, ability, ethnicity, religion, culture or sexual orientation. We believe this is key and fundamental to the principles of ethical business and therefore we expect the same from others including, but not limited to, our investors, other investment firms, and of course the entrepreneurs and businesses we invest in. Atomico will not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment or victimization. It is our responsibility to treat others with humility, respect and dignity at all times.

We provide hands-on support and mentorship in helping our portfolio companies to develop their own diversity policies and initiatives, as we do with any other area involved in scaling a business. With the introduction of this policy we will be requiring any portfolio company, where we are the lead investor, to have their own official diversity policy in place within six months of our investment. We are committed to providing whatever support is necessary to ensure this happens.