Android’s Shari Doherty joins Atomico to help portfolio companies build their brands globally

We founded Atomico to help companies scale disruptive products globally. As entrepreneurs ourselves we know the challenges this involves, and we brought together our Value Creation Team, which includes many of the initial global team that scaled Skype, to help our portfolio companies expand into new markets and hire the talent they need.

Effective communication is another key piece of the puzzle. As they scale, our portfolio companies see tremendous value in being able to tell a clear and compelling story about their vision and achievements, and in building a global brand that will resonate with users, customers, partners and employees from Berlin to Beijing.

So today we’re delighted to welcome to the team Shari Doherty, one of the most entrepreneurial and experienced communicators in technology, who joins us from Google’s Android. Shari brings her track record of building great, global consumer brands to help our portfolio companies with their own communications – whether that’s long-term strategy, relationship-building with the media, global product launches, or the inevitable challenges that come along the way.

Shari was an early employee at Danger, telling the company’s story from the launch of the first T-Mobile Sidekick to the company’s international roll-out across Europe, Asia and the Americas, building a cult following for the device. Shari later rejoined Danger and Android co-founder Andy Rubin at Google, where she led global communications for Android and Google Play for over three years, launching new versions of the platform and flagship devices across the world as new Android activations rose from 60,000 to over 1.5 million every day.

Shari’s entrepreneurial career has also taken in communications at disruptive internet start-ups across location services, video, online shopping and delivery, as well as a period at Lucasfilm marketing the global release of Star Wars Episode I.

Shari joins our Value Creation Team, which includes local expansion experts in Europe, China, Japan, Brazil, Turkey, as well as one of the technology industry’s leading staffing and talent managers. Welcome, Shari!

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