6Wunderkinder hits new milestone (and crosses its next funding round off its to-do list)

We know that great companies can come from anywhere, and we spend a lot of time with entrepreneurs outside Silicon Valley who have the potential to build international, category-winning businesses. So when we first met Berlin-based entrepreneur Christian Reber, we knew that he and his co-founders were creating something special with 6Wunderkinder and their beautiful to-do list product Wunderlist.

As well as loving their product, we were struck by Christian’s total obsession with the company’s brand – from every tiny detail of the logo, to how they could build a brand which resonates globally on all devices, with users from North America to Europe to Asia across Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and the web.

Since we invested two years ago, this relentless focus has continued to pay off with amazing usage growth for Wunderlist and Wunderlist2, and the beginning of a serious revenue-generating business. And this isn’t just any kind of growth — we’ve never seen anyone reach Wunderlist’s levels of user engagement. It’s no exaggeration to say that the product and brand are truly loved by their users.

We’re thrilled with today’s announcement that Sequoia is backing the team with their first ever investment in Germany, and were delighted to also participate in this $19m round along with our friends at Earlybird, strengthening the company as it expands its operations in the US. We’re looking forward to working alongside Sequoia to support Christian and the team as they continue to build a truly global business and brand.

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