Bebê, meet Baby07/24/2014

Bebê Store (, Brazil’s leading online baby goods retailer and a company we've been proud to back since 2011, has just announced the acquisition of its main competitor in the country - Baby (

We’ve believed in founders Leonardo and Juliana Simão and their vision for Bebê Store for a long time, becoming their first outside investors. Since then, we've worked with the team to help scale the business and are delighted that they're consolidating their leadership of the market with this transaction. Baby has undoubtedly been a major player in Bebê Store’s field, having attracted over $50 million in investment prior to its acquisition, and the combination of their operations will help Leonardo, Juliana and the team take the business to a new level of success.

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EVRYTHNG’s powering ahead - a recap of 2014 so far05/06/2014

Last week EVRYTHNG, the Internet of Things software company, made its latest announcement in its mission to connect – well – everything, with a new $7m investment round. The team has won awards and recognition as a pioneer in this fast-growing and global space, and as a previous investor we’re proud to be leading this funding round alongside Cisco Systems, BHLP and Dawn Capital.

EVRYTHNG’S good news capped off a strong start to 2014 for our friends across the world, with many of our portfolio companies continuing their impressive momentum with great news of their own.

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Our investment in Knewton to transform global education, one student at a time12/19/2013

We love working with entrepreneurs who have the ambition to disrupt huge global markets, and it’s hard to think of a more important opportunity than education - a fundamental global good and a $5 trillion market.

For all the amazing tools that have entered universities and classrooms in recent years, education is still fundamentally tied to a one-size-fits-all model. We all know that students vary widely in how they learn, but they’re still taught the same material in the same way, with the same tests and the same homework assignments.

The dream of truly personalised learning is compelling for students, educational institutions, and academic publishers alike – but it’s also a fantastically hard problem for them to solve alone. So today we’re delighted to announce that we’re leading a new funding round to help New York-based Knewton scale its work with the world’s universities, schools and publishers, and make that dream a reality.

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